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We founded Myles Construction Services because we felt there was a real need in Northwest Ohio for a certain kind of general contractor, one who didn’t simply follow protocol and do basic, standard work but one who instead worked in a truly collaborative fashion with their clients, allowing them to realize their ambitions and meet their goals. In the years we’ve been operators MCS has worked tirelessly to ensure that the needs of their customers have been met in full by allowing them to truly participate in the process and take a very active role in determining the future of their project. Specializing in projects budgeted at $5 million or less, MCS is ready and able to perform a wide range of services, all at an expert level and for the fairest prices possible. Though we proudly specialize in meeting the needs of the people of Northwest Ohio, we are happy to serve clients throughout the United States. For all of these reasons and more, Myles Construction Services is certainly worth your consideration.

Why Choose Us?

In the end, Myles Construction Services was created to provide our clients with an expert solution to a huge variety of construction-related projects and to ensure that their needs were fully met, no matter what the assignment entailed. We have certainly lived up to our original ambitions, and we will certainly continue to do so. As such, the next time you have need for a contractor, consider MCS. We’re here to serve you.

Welcome to Myles Construction

Myles Construction Services was founded upon one simple but all too rarely found promise: to work hand in hand with its clients from concept to completion and ensure through this deep collaboration that what is expected is precisely what is delivered. There are many contractors out there who will focus only on the expected, the baseline, and performing no better or worse than they are legally mandated to do. These are companies which will build you something purely functional, good enough to get by but nothing special. At MCS, we combine the raw mechanical skill and general competence of these other institutions with a devotion to the exact needs of the client, meaning that you not only get the expertise of a highly experienced construction company but also a commitment to seeing your specific vision realized and made wholly operative. So if you're looking for a company that truly cares, consider Myles Construction Services for your next construction project.

We specialize in:

Specializing in projects quoted at $5 million or less, MCS is a highly experienced company with a diverse portfolio. We'll not only do a fantastic job, we'll complete our work based upon your specific vision. If you want a company truly devoted to your best interests, contact Myles Construction Services today.


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